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Moonlight and Shadows: a modern fantasy rpg on yahoo groups

First time post (for this game)
Format: Messageboard/E-mail
Genre: Modern/urban fantasy
Name: Moonlight and Shadows (Name of the RPG)
Contact: Margi at
Minimum Age Requirement: 16 and up
Deadline: Game is going to start probably next weekend, but new characters will always be welcome
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The Awakened RPG

Date Last Posted: First Time Post
Format: Zetaboard Forum
Genre: AU OC
Name: The Awakened
Contact: ryuushinikaru or any mod on the forum
Website: The Awakened
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+ only
Deadline: Open
Game Description: The Awakened is a multi-para/novella style rpg set in current day Tokyo. We are a Jrock/Jpop muse forum; though any character that would have a reason to be in the city is welcome.
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