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molly_diane @ 09:05 pm: The Ministry - HP, Post Deathly Hallows, No WC
Date Last Posted: May 14
Format: Forum, self hosted, phpbb
Genre: Harry Potter, post potter
Name: (Name of the RPG)
Contact: fromthedeskoftheminister@gmail.com
Website: theministryrpg.com
Minimum Age Requirement: None
Deadline: No

Specific Requirements: Canons and OCs are all welcome, although it would be awesome to get a Ron or Hermione
Game Description:
Two years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the physical scars from the Second Wizarding War are nearly gone, but the broken pieces of the wizarding world are far from put back together.

Several former Death Eaters are still at large and there are groups of roving Dementors to round up. Internally, fear and prejudice remain. There are also the everyday criminals that need tending to and the ever growing mountain of paperwork to tackle.

The Ministry of Magic must rise past its history of ineffectual bureaucracy and corruption to rebuild the wizarding world. In the process, they'll face adversity in all its forms - from Death Eaters to red tape to regurgitating toilets.

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