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in_somnia_mods @ 07:43 pm: In Somnia - HP Marauders Era AU RPG
Date Last Posted: Jan or April 2013?
Format: LJ RPG with character journals
Genre: Harry Potter - Marauders Era
Name: In Somnia
Contact: in_somnia_mods
Website: insomnia_mwpp
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+ preferred but all posts rated.
Deadline: None

For the Marauders another year at Hogwarts has begun; there's classes to attend, spells to learn and of course mischief to make. Safe and protected in the Castle, it feels like the stirrings of war are a thousand miles away. Until things start to get weird.

It starts with small things; the feeling of deja vu and half remembered dreams, until the line between dreams and reality starts to blur. At first this discovery can be considered interesting and even fun, a new playground to be explored. But magic always comes with a price, and not only could the dreamscape have more nefarious uses, but manipulating the dream world could have disastrous consequences upon the real one.

In somnia is a medium level role play; whilst there's no set word length for posts, it's preferable to post at least 1 paragraph. The main posting will be on the  insomnia_mwpp community, with character journals for 'parchment play' (interlinked journals that can be used as a messaging system between students, staff etc)

There's no set plotline exactly, so feel free to take the scenario and plot away with fellow players and if you'd like, join in some of the mod run 'events' (ie. Halloween, Yule ball etc). However, any radical changes to the world, characters etc should be discussed with mods and characters in question first.

WANTED CANONS: Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Regulus Black, Lucius Malfoy,
Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black etc

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