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margisama @ 03:43 pm: Moonlight and Shadows: a modern fantasy rpg on yahoo groups
First time post (for this game)
Format: Messageboard/E-mail
Genre: Modern/urban fantasy
Name: Moonlight and Shadows (Name of the RPG)
Contact: Margi at margi.fisher@aol.com
Website: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Moonlight_and_Shadows/
Minimum Age Requirement: 16 and up
Deadline: Game is going to start probably next weekend, but new characters will always be welcome

Specific Requirements: No special requirements are required other than being able to keep up with posting on a regular basis. Some kind of messenger program like Yahoo messenger, AIM or pidgin would be helpful if you want to talk or plan something plot-wise with another character's player.
Game Description: Moonlight and Shadows is an original fantasy RPG set in an alternate version of modern Earth. Most things are the same as our own world, except for one rather large caveat- witches, Fae, demons and other monsters are all-too-real, and have lived in the shadows hiding from ordinary people for thousands of years.

Most characters will probably be witches or Fae, but demons, vampires, and other non-human characters will be allowed. (dragons and lycanthropes are playable). Check the first 10 posts for club rules, blank character sheet, and information on the playable races.

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