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stpats_mod @ 05:10 pm: Date Last Posted: First time post
Format: LiveJournal & AIM
Genre: High School
Name: St. Patrick's Academy for the Creatively Gifted
Contact: stpats_mod
Website: Here
Minimum Age Requirement: 13+
Deadline: None!

St. Patrick's Academy for the Creatively Gifted

Located in the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia, St. Pat's Academy is a place for boys and girls of the Middle and high school ages (13-18) to come and perfect their art. Be it dance, photography, instrumental, painting, acting or something else, this school offers everyone the chance to exceed in their talent. Students are housed on campus, in one of two dorms, depending on gender.

Welcome to St. Pat's High. Enjoy your stay.

(This is a multi-fandom high school AU. Celebrity/fandom/OCs welcome. Newly opened. Reserve your character quickly!)

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