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analise @ 03:46 pm: House of Cards [on DW]
Date Last Posted: 1/30/13
Format: Comm-based
Genre: Original
Name: House of Cards
Contact: houseofcardsmod or apply here
Website: houseofcards_rp
Minimum Age Requirement: 13
Deadline: No expiration

Specific Requirements: Generally looking for more players but specific requests can be found here. Particularly looking for a Queen of Clubs.
Game Description: The Suits have been around since the middle ages, each of the Courts growing and battling between each other. Here in the 21st century, these are the four that hold power: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. Each Suit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and all are constantly vying for their standing in the Deck.

While the suits are separate entities, all who join the Deck come for their own reasons, and often stay because there’s nowhere else that fits them as well. The Deck is, in many ways, a home of many lost souls. This is an important aspect, and a uniting force, of the Deck. Because while the Suits may quarrel and skirmish, they are still part of the same entity – political views aside.

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