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anarchicq @ 03:27 pm: ScatterStar - a Star Wars Crossover RPG
Date Last Posted: I forget. At least a year ago.
Format: Forum
Genre: Star Wars, Crossover, Scifi
Name: ScatterStar
Contact: AIM: AnarchicQ
Website: http://forum.deleted-scenes.com
Minimum Age Requirement: 16 and up.
Deadline: N/A

Specific Requirements: Extensive knowledge of the series you're character is based on. No Canon characters accepted, OCs only.
Game Description:

"Execute order 66"
With those simple words, a myriad of Jedi and Padawans had fallen under the trigger of a blaster. They were all but purged from the galaxy. Survivors, desperate to live on hid, in exile and scattered to distant, remote planets. The Galactic Senate had crumbled, giving way to the Empire.

But balance must return to the Force, and secretly, Jedi are roaming the galaxy to find Padawans, a new generation to train in the ways of the light side of the Force. A rebellion is forming and those once undiscovered in the Wild Space and the Unexplored Sector are now making their voices heard.

ScatterStar is a Star Wars crossover forum based RPG that takes place between Episode III and Episode IV.
Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi?
A Roswell Grey Sith?
A Yautja bounty-hunter who collected the light sabres of his kills?
A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet?
In ScatterStar, all this and more can be possible.
Because the Universe is a very, very big place...


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