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ryuushinikaru @ 01:59 pm: The Awakened RPG
Date Last Posted: First Time Post
Format: Zetaboard Forum
Genre: AU OC
Name: The Awakened
Contact: ryuushinikaru or any mod on the forum
Website: The Awakened
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+ only
Deadline: Open
Game Description: The Awakened is a multi-para/novella style rpg set in current day Tokyo. We are a Jrock/Jpop muse forum; though any character that would have a reason to be in the city is welcome.
Enter a world where violence and bloodshed are everyday occurrences. A world where the criminal underbelly holds the power and the police fight day and night to catch up.

The old gods are waking up in this war torn landscape and they have their own plans for it.

Some will perish, some with manage to survive. But those lucky few will find a way to thrive in this Tokyo, and take what they want from those around them.

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